PASS Data Warehousing and BI Virtual Chapter (July 2012)

Segnalo i prossimi appuntamenti live, dedicati alla Business Intelligence con SQL Server, che PASS Data Warehousing, in collaborazione con Business Intelligence Virtual Chapter, ha schedulato per il mese di Luglio 2012.


Managed Self-Service BI

Date: July 12th 12pm - 1pm EST
Speaker: Melissa Coates

You know BI. Right? Well kids, traditional Business Intelligence is changing... you heard about the ambitious data analyst down the hall who created a mashup of data from the internal data warehouse + Excel + an Azure feed? Empowering knowledge workers is Microsoft's vision of delivering "BI for the Masses." In this session we will dismiss the hype & examine how this new world of "Managed Self-Service BI" complements Corporate BI in SQL Server 2012 and SharePoint 2010.


  • Provide overview of each Self-Service component and expectations for its use: PowerPivot | Excel Services | Power View | Report Builder
  • Introduce Codename “Data Explorer” and Data As A Service
  • Discuss techniques for BI Professionals to successfully monitor, secure, & manage the Self-Service BI environment


Dimensional Modeling 101

Date: July 17th 11:30am - 12:30pm Central
Speaker: Thomas LeBlanc

This session is going to help create a dimensional Data Mart from the AdventureWorks database that includes dimension tables and 2 example fact tables. The Kimball spreadsheet for documenting a Data Mart will be used to reenforce the need for Requirements and Functional specifications. A brief review of ETL for Slowly Changing Dimension and population of the Fact will be deomstrated as well as a simple cube for reporting.


SSIS Catalog; Big step for ETL Framework

Date: July 19th 10pm-11pm EST or 7pm-8pm PST
Speaker: Reza Rad

This session is all about SSIS catalog which is a specific database recently presented in SQL Server 2012. SSIS logs execution of packages, validations, error and warning messages within this database. Structure of SSIS catalog tables and usage of stored procedures will be covered in this session. many useful queries and reports which is required in real world ETL scenarios will be show up and discussed. Real ETL Scenarios require execution log of each step of control flow and data flow, how long each step takes, messages during execution. Using data taps also will be discussed which is a new feature and very handy in production environments to catch data rows in specific data paths.


Programmatically Managing the BI Stack (objects) metadata via C#

Date: July 24th 12pm-1pm EST
Speaker: Jesse ***

Dive into the SSIS toolkit by creating SSIS Custom Components in SQL Server 2008 and 2012. Discuss how to Register the Custom Components and add to the SSIS Toolbox. Demonstrate a method to open an SSIS package with C# script and read or make changes to the package design. The start of Data Driven design and programmatically creating packages, scan an entire BIDS Solution all Cubes, dimensions, and Connections in SSAS using Analysis Management Objects (AMO) with C# creating a MetadataMart and full documentation.


Applying SSRS to .NET applications

Date: July 31st 12:00pm - 1:00pm EST
Speaker: David Liebman

Description of Presentation: In this presentation I will show you how easy it is to enhance your existing .Net application by adding a SQL Server Report. In just a few easy steps I will show you how you can embed a report and allow users to interact with it. I will take you through some examples and best practices for connecting your ASP.NET application to SSRS.

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